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How to Move With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

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How to Move With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Theres no doubt that moving can be a life-draining experience under the best of circumstances. Add in kidsand it most certainly does not qualify as the best of circumstances. In fact, complete chaos can ensue. But dont despair: Here are some tips to minimize the insanity of relocation with little tykes in tow.

Give Them an Early Heads Up

Kids are insightful little critters, and even the really young ones have likely gathered that something is up. Rather than letting them fret, give them the low-down on the plan as soon as you know you are moving.

Set up a special dinner night with pizza or their favorite food and inform your kids of the move, recommends BradPaulyof Pauly Presley Realty in Austin, TX.

Explaining detailsthat mom has a new job, that the house will have a room just for them, and that the new town has a great parkwill help to allay their concerns. Reassure them that all their familiar items will go with them, and that they will have ample time to say goodbye to friends.

Let Them Decorate the Boxes

If you have younger kids, consider doing the majority of packing while they are with a baby sitter or friend, or at night. Not only are they likely more interested in unpacking boxes, but they also might be upset seeing their things go away, even if its only temporarily.

Older kids can help fill boxes, and then let them unleash their creativity with stickers and markers.

Allowing them to personalize their box of belongings keeps them busy and also makes it easier for you to identify what goes to their room when you arrive at the new house, Pauly says. Kids will want to set up their new digs as soon as they can.

Keep Kid Essentials on Hand

Set aside one box of items you will need ASAP, and take it with you in your own car rather than placing it onthe moving truck. Let your children choose the essentials in their life and place them in this box. For them, it might be a certain teddy bear or toy. No judgments!

This box is all about what your kid will want on hand. That way if the moving truck ends up late or boxes getlost, your kids know theyve got the things they love most within reach, which curbs the odds of a first-night-in-new-house meltdown.

Keep Important Family Paperwork Around, Too

Also keep in your own car a box of any important school-related documents (e.g., birth certificates, medical records, and transcripts) to ensure your kids are prepared for their new school.

Its easy to misplace papers when moving, so making sure important documents are ready to go will make the move less stressful on the other end, Pauly says.

Purge While Packingwith consent

Kids are hoarders by nature, and that can spell trouble when you realize you are paying to movethe bottle cap collection or stuffed animal menagerie.

However, you want to make sure they have bought into the whole letting go thing; if theyre overly upset, it might be wise to table the purge.

While you might be tempted to get rid of that broken toy or that shirt that no longerfits, you should keep it unless youre certain your kid is OKparting with it, Pauly warns. Young kids tend to be attached to all their things, and ensuring they see their familiar belongings in their new home will provide comfort.

Say Farewell Properly

Closure is tough for everyone, but especially for kids, who may be incredibly anxious about whether theyll find a new BFF or if their new teacher will be as kind as Ms. Jacki.

Have kids take photos of their room, yard, school, friends, and anything else thats important to them so they can create a memory book of this chapter in their lives, suggests Chace. You also might want to throw a going-away party to allow for proper goodbyes.

Enjoy the Journey

If youre moving out of the region (road trip!), make the drive part of the excitement. Show them the route youll be taking, and highlight areas of interest youll see along the way. Try to plan a few fun stops along the way. And dont forget the souvenirs.

If youre traveling across many states, collect a magnet from each place you visit and display them on your new refrigerator, says Chace.

Stick to Routines

Make sure to stick to your schedule throughout the moving process, including naps and rituals like family meals or family game night, says Pauly: Maintaining familiar routines as much as you can is reassuring.

Finally, remind them that the most familiar thing they are bringing is still with them: their family. Cheesy we know, but deep down, your kidsreally do care.

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